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"I have been using Pickboy Metacarbonate 1.0mm Picks for at least the last 7 years. I can't remember exactly when I started using them. All I know is that now, I can't imagine ever NOT using them. Every note on this website that is played on electric guitar is played with this pick,as well as every note I have recorded or played on stage since I found them.

If you like a more rigid pick, you should try these. Not only are they as stiff as most 1.0 mm picks, but they are extremely light weight in ratio to their stiffness. And they come off the string really smoothly. I have used virtually every pick available at one time or another in the past, and I truly dread the thought of not playing with Pickboy Metacarbs.

Click here to find a Pickboy dealer near you. Click here to see the whole line.
They also make many other fine picks in all thickness'.

Pickboy Metacarbs are available in the cool colors below (I like the white!)

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