This is footage of Lou playing with ESP in 2002. These two clips showcase Lou's unique improv style, playing extended solos in the keys of "E" and "D". Check out brief performance notes for each clip.

Please select one of the videos below:

"Here I am using a longer delay sound, and again improvising with the minor Pentatonic Scale and Dorian Mode (both in "D" here), plus a bit more Mixolydian Mode (D) in this one. The approach here is over all a bit more melodic, with the delay and Mixolydian Mode tonality creating almost an Eric Johnson kind of a sound at times. Also, some pretty over the top bending in the higher register, and some "in the pocket" type groove licks towards the end make this a fun one. Hope you think so too!"

Lou D

2) Lou Extended Solo In E

"In this solo, I am doing a bit of a Hendrix type of improv, using mostly the E minor Pentatonic Scale, adding in the 2nd and Maj. 6th, which implies the Dorian Mode. Occasionally I use the Maj 3rd, which gives a bit of the Mixolydian Mode sound. Also, plenty of Wah-Wah, a chromatic descending run, some open string ideas, and a lick using 4ths and unison notes. Hope you like it!"

Lou D


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