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Reviews Of The Axeman Cometh

From The Hub Weekly, Champaign IL 12/1/05

The Axeman Cometh - Lou DiBello

There are monsters in the world, and there are urban legends, and there is music, glorious music to help define them and defend against them. But if you want to fight off the demons and the doldrums you need to find a great guitarist and crank up the volume.

Well, the defender of the faith is here, the Axeman Cometh and he is local legend Lou DiBello with his first new cd this century. This is an all out attack, no holds barred solo guitar recording (with sides of Lou on bass and keys) and a steady drumming by Doug Gherna who also engineered and helped produce the project.

This is the best of Satriani, Chastain, and Malmsteen all rolled into one. This is top notch playing and production and all recorded here in Urbana this year. I keep turning it up louder and it just keeps getting better and better, it is so hot my computer is turning red and flames and smoke are bursting out the back. Somebody get me a waterfall this place is on fire.

All original tunes by DiBello and although there are echoes of the great rockers of the seventies and eighties this is a totally dynamic and original work without a misstep or false note just full steam ahead rock'n'roll. I can't even tell you which cut I like best as I am flat out plastered against the wall and my air guitar can't keep up. Wow!

DiBello, formerly of Blanche Talley, Electric Sky, and the Blues Creation house band now can be seen playing regularly with ESP as well as being a top-notch guitar instructor. Catch him when you can and help win the war.

By Phil Strang

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From CDBbay.com:

Reviewer: shredmetalman

" This CD is by far one of the best shred cd's ive ever heard. the sweeps,and the solos, aw amazing."

"Put On Your Seatbelt"
Reviewer: Neck Bender

"Blazing leads (appropriate cover except the guitar should be melted too). I got my first speeding ticket driving to this disc. This disc should come with a warning label. One of the most explosive metal guitarists ever."

"Absolutely Top-Notch"
Reviewer: Deviant Nature

"If you're a shred fiend & into Vai, Satch, Angelo, etc, then buy this disc. Devastating leadwork, pro execution, total feeling. In your face talent & tone, it's about as real as it gets. If you yearn for satiation then look no further.This disc is a MUST have! Lou Dibello SHREDS!!"

"Some of the finest cuts you'll ever hear-buy this!"
Reviewer: David B.

"Axeman has a little bit of everything--all of it great. If Lou lived on either coast, this CD would sell like mad. Liked Carribean Cruise in particular.....As a whole, CD will occasionally make you think of various guitar-greats while keeping the uniqueness of Lou's virtuoso style. His solo career can only get better and better."

"I listened online and was blown away, great guitar rock CD"
Reviewer: guitarman

"If you're into guitar rock you got to check this CD out, I hate everything but "The Axeman Cometh" blew me away, for real!!!!"