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Check out http://www.myspace.com/loudibello and www.myspace.com/espillinois for tunes and updates!


Thanks for reading the news!

Spring is almost here, and I for one am glad about that! Been busy practicing and teaching, and also with ESP. We have a few more gigs coming up in the next four weeks. Check the Schedule here. We are also still working on re-issuing the CD, and hopefully it will be out by summer.

Should be doing some more solo performances soon. Also, I will be posting some new pictures on the site this week, as well as links to some new reviews

If you have not purchased "The Axeman Cometh" yet, go to the Buy The CD!! page!!

Send me an email and let me know what you think of the site!!

Back with more soon....




Thanks for reading the news!

Hope the new year is treating everyone well so far!

Things are picking up here already. Some news/updates on the site. There are now links to videos from my recent live performance available on the home page . Check 'em out! Also, "the Axeman Cometh" made critic Phil Strang's top 5 of 2005 list in TheHubWeekly . Thanks Phil! Several new reviews will be posting very soon, so keep checking the site!

Hoping to announce a CD release party soon! Until then, I have a few dates with ESP coming up, so check the Schedule.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!

There are some great pictures (thanks to Darrell Hoemann) from the recent recital concert by my students and me on the Pictures page. I hope to be posting some video clips soon as well. It was a really great night, and the kids did a very good job! I am looking forward to the next one in the spring!

Thanks to everyone who has bought the CD and to all the folks who have written some great reviews over the last year! I am already beginning to work on some ideas for the next CD. I am also looking forward to the release of the re-issue of the ESP CD, whick will include some un-released tracks, as well as a re-issue of "Pile-Up", my first instrumental album, which will also include some previously un-released bonus tracks.


Thanks for reading the news!

There is a great new review on the Reviews page! More will be posting soon. Thanks to everyone who has written a good review!

Well I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone already. It will be New Years before we know it!

This coming Saturday, December 10th, will be the first ever concert by my students, and will be followed by my solo performance of "The Axeman" music. I am very excited, and also very proud of my students. These are kids pretty much ages 12-16, and they will be performing in pairs with a drummer and bassist. There will also be a fingerstyle performance by one of my students.

CD's have been selling well, and I am looking forward to some more live performances after the New Year.



Thanks for reading the news!

"The Axeman Cometh" now available at BestBuy.com!! Thanks to CDBaby.com, you can now buy "The Axeman Cometh" and thousands of other independant CD's through Best Buy! Search for artist or album titles!

There are some new articles on the Reviews page, including a recent article from the local newspaper.

Played a couple of really great shows with ESP over the last week. Lot's of fun and some serious rocking!

The workshops are going very well, and I am really looking forward to the student concert we will be playing December 10th. About 10 or 12 of my students will be performing with a live drummer and bassist. This will be open to the public, so if you are in the area, check out CorsonMusic.com for more details.

Also, on December 10th I will be performing solo following the students performance. Hope to see some of you local folks out for that one!!

On a non-guitar note, just got some pictures back from winning with my dogs in Springfield, IL last month. For those of you who don't know it, I love showing dogs, and I try to attend as many shows as I can with our Basenji's. Check out some pics here: Daisy Henry



Big weekend coming up, as I am running another workshop and then performing solo Friday night, then playing with ESP Saturday at The Isles in Buckley. Been doing some pretty serious rehearsing to get ready. I appreciate all the emails I have been getting from people who would like to review the CD!



Hello again! Just a few quick words to update....The performance Friday night went very well. It felt good to play the songs live for an audience, and people really seemed to enjoy the show. I will be playing some more solo performances (with backing tracks) this fall.

Also Friday was the first Band Workshop for my younger students, and it was a real success. Even better than I hoped it would be. I was very happy with how everyone played. These are students aged 12-16 who have been playing 1-2 years. It will definitely become a regular part of my teaching program.



Thanks for reading the news! I have posted links to some reviews on the Reviews page, and so far they are all good! Thanks to everyone for the nice words. I am shooting for October 28th as the unofficial live debut of the music from "The Axeman". This will be a tune-up performance following the first night of the Lou DiBello Rock'n'Roll Workshop For Kids at Corson Music's Guitar Store. I will have a few more details soon.

On another note, I saw Judas Priest last week, and man, was that impressive! Talk about the ultimate in original British Heavy Metal. Awesome show, and particularly amazing was the performance of lead vocalist Rob Halford. Simply amazing. With perhaps the exception of "Deliverin' The Goods" or "Hell Bent For Leather", they played all my favorites, as well as some pretty awesome new material from their current release "Angel Of Retribution". Great stuff!! Opener Anthrax was a lot of fun too!


Just a few quick words for you to update the news. I have been practicing a lot, getting ready for some ESP shows and some instrumental performances. I am excited to get out and do some instrumental stuff. Also, coming later next month will be the start of Lou DiBello's Rock'n'Roll Workshop, where kids and other new players will get the chance to play in a full rock band set-up. The sessions will be held at Corson Music in Urbana, IL where I teach.

I will be posting here on the site soon an article that was published in the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette about the release of "The Axeman.." I have also posted reviews from CDBaby on the front page of this site. If you have listened to the clips at CDBaby, write a review there!

Check out the schedule for upcoming dates with ESP!!



Hello again! Hope you are all well, and enjoying the last few weeks of summer. Also, I hope you are keeping the victims of Hurricane Katrina in your thoughts, and donating to relief efforts if you can. Not much new here, although I am continuing to put together the material for live performance, and that is going well. If you have listened to the clips at CDBaby, write a review there!

Check out the schedule for upcoming dates with ESP!!


Well, I am back with a few quick notes. Played a show with ESP the other night. It was our first night with our new drummer, and overall it was very good. Good crowd, lots of dancers, and I played a few smokin' licks, so it was all good :) If you have not heard the CD or clips yet, check out the Audio page. There will be several reviews posting online soon, so check back here for links to those. Not much else new, I suppose. I will be attending a few dog shows in the next two weeks and showing my Basenji, so keep your fingers crossed for us.


Check out www.midwestentertainers.net to hear the entire song "To The Maxx". I am really thrilled to be in such good company on that site, and a special thanks to Deb for putting up the page! Here in town, I am getting ready for a show next week with my band ESP, which should be fun. Also continuing to prepare for some solo shows. If anyone likes the sound clips, feel free to write a review on CDBaby!


The CD is now available at CDBaby.com and from the link on the main menu. Been getting ready for the upcoming ESP show with our new drummer, and that will be fun. We may be doing an instrumental that night. I am hoping to do a couple shows with backing tracks of the material on the CD, and I will be posting those dates as soon as they are confirmed. Listen to the audio clips on the CD Baby link. I think you will like them!



Hi everybody! Thanks for visiting the site. I have just got it up and running as of today, and I am happy with how it is coming together. There will be much more coming, with audio clips (including some vintage stuff!), pictures, links, message board, and more. The CD purchase link will be active in a few days, and there will be audio samples from the new CD there. Check out the links page, and watch the schedule for Lou's gigs with ESP, and upcomong solo dates!!