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Volume 1:

Complete Beginners Method

Topics Covered Include:
-The Basics of Reading Music-
-Reading Guitar Tableture-
-Single String Notes -
-Open and Bar Chords-


Volume 2:

Intermediate Level

Topics Covered Include:
-Blues: The Basics and More-
-Playing Acoustic Rock -
-Pentatonic Scales-
-Blues/Rock Lead Guitar-
-Playing The Major Scale-

Purchase both CD's for $37.90

*Prices include Shipping & Handling- Both CD's for $37.90

You may also order by mail by sending check or money order, payable to:

Lou DiBello/GuitarlessonOnline
PO Box 403
Urbana, IL 61803

E-mail me and let me know which CD (or both) you would like, and when you are sending payment-

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